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Virtual Travels

Travel the world virtually from anywhere. 

Experience breath-taking landscapes, exotic cultures, and historical landmarks from the comfort of your couch, at a fraction of the price and time spent. Virtual travel is inclusive and easily accessible.

Now EVERYONE can explore the world. Get started on creating a lifetime of memories!

Why Choose Virtual Travel?


Having mobility or health issues doesn't mean your thirst to see the world should stop.

Travel to less convenient places

Not every place in the world is suitable for an elderly to travel. Get someone to show you those places instead. 

Explore before committing

Pre-vet your holiday destination before spending money, time and effort planning for a physical trip.

See the world at a fraction of the price

You can see more of the world with less time and less money.

How does virtual travel work?

Introducing Immortalize's Virtual Travel Partner - Beeyonder

There are two types of virtual tours - Live-Walking and Live-Presentation

Live-Walking: Live walking tours are tours that are live on the street with the guide. The guide walks through the city and shows you what the city looks like in real time. The tours show popular landmarks along with discussion on the culture and history of the city.

Live-Presentation: Presentation tours utilize visual aids such as photos, video clips, trivia questions and sometimes 3D Google Earth to take you through a particular location or topic. These tours are wonderful for locations where internet connectivity is unavailable such as Antarctica and other remote locations.These tours are conducted through Zoom with a guide local to the area, so participants can ask questions and interact with the guide in a live setting. 

Virtual Travel vs Youtube/Travel Documentary
- What's the difference?

Fancy Box

A more personalize and enjoyable experience

Camel Tour

Ask your fun & qualified local tour guide questions in real-time

Group Photo

Make new like-minded friends as you explore the world!

Demo Walking Tour -

Explore Bahia, Brazil Live with Sayuri

Virtual Travel Demos

Demo Presentation Tour-

Kenyan Cultural Experience with Sam

Demo tour of

Harry Potter: Mystery, magic, legends, and tales of Edinburgh

How much does virtual tours cost?

Private Tours

If you have a big group of people to travel with (>10), book your own exclusive private tour.

Private tour prices start from US$225

**Purchase private tours through Immortalize's link and get 1% cashback!**

(See how cashback works here)

Rio de Janero

Immortalize Group Tours

Why wait for others to be free?

Join one of Immortalize's group tours for SG$38/person/tour (not per screen) and make some new friends!

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Upcoming Immortalize Group Tours
- SG$38/person/tour
(not per screen)

(Payable when minimum signups met and tour is confirmed)

There is a limited number of slots for each tour. Reserve your spot for FREE now.

* For Confirmed Tours, we'll send you payment instructions and more information after you reserve your spot.

No upcoming events at the moment

How does Immortalize X Beeyonder Cashback work?

Step 1: Head to Beeyonder, Immortalize's virtual travel partner, website here.

(Make sure you enter and open your account from Immortalize's link if not the cashback cannot be tracked)

Step 2: Scroll through the plethora of travel itineraries. 

Beeyonder main site pic.png

Step 3: Purchase the tour and forward the purchase receipt to j@immortalize with the header - Beeyonder cashback. Include banking details for us to send the cashback to.

(Once the provider confirms your purchase, we will process your cashback)

Frequently asked questions

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