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Bali Itinerary Suitable for Seniors, Elderlies, Retirees

Bali is a renown tourist destination known for its rice paddies, surfing, chill vibes and chic cafes. For the elder generation, Bali represents a relaxing holiday by the beach or nature, with access to seafood, local delicacies, and a mindfully enriching experience.

On the south side of Bali, you will find amazing surfer waves, cliffs and white sand beaches. As you travel up north, expect fill your vision with mountains, rice paddies, volcanoes, and even black sand beaches (formed when the volcanoes erupt).

(Image credit: Bali Tourism Board)

In this guide, we'll run through some recommended things to do for first time elder visitors to Bali.

Note: This is a live travel guide. The guide will evolve over time so do check back for more!


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Each area in Bali has its own characteristic. For first time elder travelers, we suggest basing yourself in Sanur, where you get more resort-style accommodations in a slower pace area with easier access to attractions in the South of Bali and nearby islands. If you prefer more hustle and bustle and want to be close to top restaurants and shopping, choose Seminyak.

Once you are done exploring the south, head over to Ubud and spend a few days exploring the central parts of Bali.

Most people visiting Bali spend their time in the south of Bali and don't venture beyond Ubud. If you have extra time, spend a couple of days in Lovina and North Bali. In this more secluded area, you'll get to travel back in time to when Bali is less westernized. Spend some time with the dolphins, dabble in volcanic black sand beaches and be prepared to stumble upon lots of hidden gems.

Random information about Bali:

  • Road development is not fantastic so if you are travelling long distances and are prone to motion sickness, bring your motion sickness pill

  • Food delivery is a great option to try food around your area

Top things to do in Bali for Elderlies

  • Balinese Massage - It’s everywhere, it’s cheap and it's good.

  • Sign up for a Balinese cooking class

  • Do a yoga class and meditate

  • Mount Batur - Do a morning hike to see the sunrise. Lazy? Take a jeep tour instead!

  • Try a Bali hot spring

Bali's hot springs and natural springs are scattered throughout the island's inner regions. Some of these springs are sources of holy water for important Balinese Hindu temples that were built around them, and there are several hot springs that serve as wellness retreats with therapeutic, mineral-rich waters.

  • Visit a traditional temple - Pura Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, Ulun Danu Beratan, Besakih Temple to name a few

  • Check out retirement villages, homes and other luxurious aged care in Bali - It's a great way to stretch your retirement dollars! Speak to us for more information on retirement homes and services in Bali.

Overview of Areas and Location-specific Attractions


Bali’s first touristic area. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle in this area. Head here for shops, bars, restaurants and other amenities.

Downside: It's very generic. Unless there’s a specific shop or restaurant that you want to go here, opt for Seminyak or Canggu instead.


Further north and the higher end cousin of Kuta. Less tall buildings and big roads, more fine dining, boutique shopping and popular cafes. There are many nice restaurants and unique shops but traffic can be a pain.


A surfers paradise that has gained enormous popularity and is home to many digital nomads and youngsters. If you want to soak in the young people vibe, here’s the place to go. Check out the many healthy cafes, gyms and unlike Kuta and Seminyak, there’s still some pretty rice fields left to enjoy.

Note: There are certain areas in Canggu that are protected by “gangs” and can’t be accessed via Grab car at night. Unless you are living Canggu, have your own driver or planning to take private hire that’s exorbitantly priced, avoid this area at night. But otherwise, it’s a great place for a lovely stroll.


An area close to the airport to satisfy your sea view, seafood hunger!

Notable attractions:

  • Rock Bar - A restaurant/bar perched atop rock formations. Definitely need to go there once if you are in Bali. Book early!


Home to many of Bali’s most beautiful beaches and amazing clifftop views.

Notable attractions:

  • Uluwatu Temple

Nusa Dua

If you are looking for 5-stars resorts with white sandy beaches, this is the area for you. Great food options outside of the hotels are a bit more limited but within the hotels, you will have plenty of choices. The key appeal of this area is more about the fancy resorts and chilling in them.


Sanur generally attracts an older and more family-orientated crowd. Compared to Kuta/Seminyak/Canggu area, it’s slower pace, more village feel and the waters are calmer here.

The beaches are lined by colorful wooden fishing boats and there’s pathways along the beach for cycling or strolls. From Sanur, there’s fast boat that leaves for for Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan & Nusa Penida, making them an easy day trip from this area.

For elderlies, if you have many days in Bali and don't want to constantly change accommodations/location, this may be a more central place to base yourself for day trips around the South and the islands.


Up in the mountains, Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. Here, you can find the Sacred Monkey Forest, rice terraces, art and craft markets, cultural performance, and various activities.

There are many attractions in Ubud so stay a few days here to make sure you cover the grounds.

Notable attractions:

Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Art Market

Ubud Palace

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Attend a yoga class at one of the many yoga studios in Ubud

Lovina & North Bali

Lovina is one of the most popular tourist areas in the North Bali but the entire North Bali is a hidden gem. There are many villages, temples, a