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Bespoke Travel
Planner Service

An affordable travel experience tailored specifically to you & your travel group.

Use our bespoke travel planner service when......

Unique to You


You care about the quality of your trip and want a travel experience that's suited to your needs and wants.

Outsource the Work

You don't have time or are lazy to do the research and optimization yourself.

Best Deals

You want someone else to do the comparison and find the best deals for you.

Concierge Service

You want someone to plan for your trip AND take care of issues that may arise during the trip.

Our Services Are Most Suitable For......

Retirees that want:

  • Elder-friendly activities;

  • Flexible & quality travel with everything taken care of;

A travel group that has seniors. Eg. Family trip with kids, parents, and grandparents.

Travel Inspirations

How does this work?

Step 1: Book a time to chat about your budget, preferred location, travel style, interests & etc.

Step 2: Pay a small deposit and we'll do the research and get back to you with an optimized itinerary that suggests the best things to do, eat & stay based on your budget, travel style, interests & etc. 

Step 3: Make unlimited adjustments until you are satisfied.

Step 4: Confirm the itinerary, pay and we'll book everything for you. All bookings and receipts will be itemized and sent to you for checking. 

Step 5: Enjoy your trip and let our concierge service help you with any issue that you face during the trip. 

How do we charge?

Non-refundable deposit: $300

Service fee: 10% of total trip cost

(Deposit will be used to offset service fee)

Frequently asked questions

Why do you charge a percentage of total trip cost as opposed to the planner service being free? 

Most "free" travel planner agencies rely heavily on kickbacks from providers that they recommend to you to make money. For example, going to that jewelry factory that you didn't want to go but have to because it's in the itinerary.

Other "free" planners charge you a fixed package price, and then source the cheapest deals and pocket the difference. But why should you be denied of the savings which can be very significant?

We want to help you optimize for the best experiences and deals as opposed to being incentivized to recommend you things that pay us most. 

Are you incentivized to recommend me things that are expensive so that you make more money? 

No. Firstly, we work based on your budget. We can't recommend you things that will blow your budget.

Secondly, we allow for unlimited changes. Our incentive is to recommend things that you like so that we can close your case as soon as possible. Expensive things with no value add to you means high probability of rejection by you. 

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